Who's Who

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Mr Mann


SC 1

Miss Cunningham


AGP 0954copy

Miss Ozanne

Assistant Headteacher; Early Years Leader

AGP 0945copy

Mrs Darnley


AGP 0942copy

Miss Middleton

Year R - Butterfly Class Teacher

AGP 0920 2

Miss Clarke

Year R - Ladybird Class Teacher

AGP 3293

Miss Freeman

Year 1 - Otter Class Teacher

AGP 3290

Miss Cook

Year 1 - Rabbit Class Teacher

AGP 0922 2

Miss Kinchin

Key Stage One Phase Leader; Year 2 - Hedgehog Class Teacher

AGP 3741

Miss Halls

Year 2 - Fox Class Teacher

AGP 0938copy

Miss Batchelor

Key Stage Two Phase Leader; Year 3 - Deer Class Teacher

AGP 0927copy

Mr Hammond

Year 3 - Mouse Class Teacher

AGP 0937copy

Mrs Whitehead

Key Stage Two Phase Leader; Year 4 - Owl Class Teacher

Mrs M Gray

Mrs Gray


AGP 3308

Mrs Street

Trainee Teacher

AGP 3306

Miss Hack

Trainee Teacher

AGP 0917 2

Mrs Carpenter

Family Support Worker


Mrs Trott

Higher Level Teaching Assistant


Mrs Harris

Learning Support Assistant

AGP 0933 copy

Mrs Payne

Learning Support Assistant

AGP 0928copy

Miss Bailey

Learning Support Assistant

AGP 0925 2

Mrs Freemantle

Learning Support Assistant

AGP 0951copy

Mrs O'Melia

Learning Support Assistant

AGP 0949copy

Miss Sirhan

Learning Support Assistant

AGP 3319

Mrs Powar

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Manning

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Lamb

Learning Support Assistant

AGP 1097copy

Mr Andy Raine

Site Manager

AGP 0919 2

Mrs Batchelor

Senior Admin Officer

AGP 3320

Mrs Hammond

Admin Assistant

AGP 0952copy

Mrs Hayles

Acorns Playleader and Lunchtime Supervisor

AGP 3327

Miss Gill

Acorns Before and After School Club

AGP 0924 2

Mr Billy Jones


AGP 1084copy

Mrs Amy Du Toit

Catering Assistant

AGP 3324

Mrs Jacquie Harnett

Catering Assistant