9th - 12th October "023

Highlights of the week:

It was lovely to see so many of you in school this week. The children loved showing you their caves and all the art work we have been doing so far in Year 3.

In English this week, we have been writing our stories called ‘21st Century Girl’. We have thought about how a Stone Age Girl might react if she found herself in the 21st Century. We also learnt how to use inverted commas in our writing to show that a character is speaking.

21st Century Girl2

In Maths this week, we have been learning about adding and subtracting 1s, 10s and 100s. We looked at the different columns and how they changed when we were adding and subtracting. We also looked at our reasoning skills, thinking about how we can explain our thinking using mathematical terms.

This week in Spellings, we have been looking at our new spelling strategies as we move away from phonics and look at spelling rules to help us spell some more complex words. We had some fun looking at a spelling scribble and stick man spelling.

Stickman spelling

In our computer lesson this week, we had a fun project! We used safe websites to plan a 'party.' We used all the elements we learnt this half term to make it happen. It was like putting our new computer skills to the test while having a great time planning a ‘party’.

In our art class, we completed our final projects and used our skills to tell stories through our cave paintings. First, we made cave wall backgrounds using watercolours and then we added our cave paintings on top of them applying all our sketching techniques. It was a creative and fun way to share our stories through art!

In our Spanish this week, we focused on learning how to ask "How are you?" and we also learned various ways to respond to this question. Over the course of this term, we are gradually building up a greeting conversation in Spanish.

Home learning:

● Please make sure you are reading with your child at least four times a week and commenting on their reading in their reading record book.
● Now we have TimesTables Rockstars, please support your child to access it online. It is recommended that children play TTRS for 5 minutes a day for maximum impact.


● PE days for Year 3 are Thursdays and Fridays.
● Our library days are on Wednesdays, please can you make sure your child has their library book to return or renew. We have a few overdue books, please could you look for these at home, so your child can take home a new book.