11th - 15th September 2023

What another brilliant week settling into Year 1 it has been! We have continued to work on respecting each other and remembering the routines and expectations of being in Year 1.

Highlights of the Week:


This week we have been learning the ou and ow letter groups, code for /ou/. We have worked hard on scanning and reading words containing these letter groups, as well as writing sentences containing them too. The letter group sheets have been added to your child’s phonics folders for further recap at home. This will support with retaining the information we have learnt!


In maths, we have been learning to count on from any number and learning one more and one less. We have been using lots of practical manipulatives within our maths lessons, such as tens frames, counters, dice, and natural resources. Alongside maths lessons, we have used songs to support our learning. In Otter class we have been listening to our Number Bonds to 10 song, which we enjoy listening to whilst we wash hands for lunch! Here is a link if you would like to listen to it at home: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJBBaETaElI

Drawing Club:

This week in Drawing Club, we have been reading ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ traditional tale. We have thoroughly enjoyed this book, drawing the Troll, the bridge, and how to rescue the Troll from the river! We have also worked together to learn the different features of a traditional tale. Such as, overcoming a problem, having a ‘bad character/bad guy’, and a happily ever after!

The Three Billy Goats yr 1


This week we have had lots of fun in PE! On Monday, we started our dance unit, learning about travelling in different ways. We watched a video of different fireworks displays, and talked about how we could use our bodies to recreate a fireworks display through dance movements – travelling high and low, making large swirls and twirls with our arms or leaping and jumping! We got to use streamers to practise with our dancing. On Tuesday, we had PE with ICON and practised balancing with a bat and ball, keeping our bodies straight to hold the bat with strong hands, and travel without the ball falling off!
Please make sure your child has a labelled PE bag with all clothing labelled too!

Independent learning:

We have continued to have some independent learning time in our transition into Year 1, like we did in Year R. We use lots of different skills in independent learning, but a favourite at the moment is being creative with construction! Here is a photo of one of the amazing castles some children have created this week.

Yr 1 Indpendent learning

Home Learning:

● Phonics - Recap our new phonics letter groups ou and ow that you will find in your child’s phonics folder. Please read your child’s unit book with them too.
● NumBots – Continue playing NumBots at home and work hard to level up your character! You could take home a NumBots certificate in celebration assembly!

Key Information:

● PE days are Mondays and Tuesdays - please make sure your child has their PE kit in school for both of these days.
● Our library day is Thursday - please make sure your child’s library book is in their bag every Thursday, so it can be returned and changed for a new book.