2nd - 6th October 2023

We are really proud with how brilliant the children have been this week on our Geography trip!

Highlights of the week:

● Phonics – This week in phonics we have been learning the ar and –ge /j/ letter groups. We have read the letter groups at word level and sentence level and the children have practised writing words and sentences containing these letter groups. Please remember to practise these sounds and previous sounds at home with your child using the sheets inside their phonics folders.
● Drawing Club – This week in Drawing Club we have continued to explore traditional tales and have been reading the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We created a story map with actions for each part of the story and a picture to match. We enjoyed thinking about different ways to rescue Grandma and Little Red Riding Hood from the wolf.

 Little Red Riding Hood

● Maths – We have completed our place value unit and the children have had the chance to demonstrate what they have learnt. We are looking forward to applying this knowledge to our addition and subtraction unit that we will be beginning next week. This week we have started maths mastery sessions, where we have learnt how to use a Rekenrek (counting rack). This is in addition to our daily maths lessons and is to solidify the children’s understanding of number. This week we have started learning how to use the Rekenrek by moving the beads in ‘one push’. Ask your child about how to use a Rekenrek! (Hint: ask about the smiley face!).

Countiing rack

● Geography – We have thoroughly enjoyed our trip, where we walked around the Boorley Park estate. We had many discussions about what we could see on our walk such as, similarities and differences between houses, and what benefits our local area. For instance, solar panels, multiple litter bins and public transport. We will be using our learning from the walk to accumulate the children’s ideas on how we can improve our local area.
● Computing – The children continue to love computing lessons and this week we have explored how to type. We have recapped our learning such as learning parts of a computer, what technology is and logging in to use paintz.app. We practised typing out our names and learning parts of the keyboard.

Home Learning:

● Phonics/Reading - Recap our new phonics letter group ar and -ge /j/ - you will find in your child’s phonics folder. Please read your child’s unit book with them too.
● NumBots – Continue playing NumBots at home and work hard to level up your character! We are so impressed with how many children have been awarded NumBots certificates in celebration assembly already!

Key Information:

PE days are Mondays (indoor PE) and Tuesdays (outdoor PE) - please make sure your child has a fully LABELLED PE kit in school for both days. As the weather begins to get cold/wet, please be mindful that tracksuit bottoms may be more suitable, especially for outdoor PE sessions.
● Our library day is Thursday - please make sure your child’s library book is in their bag every Thursday, so it can be returned and changed for a new book.
● As the weather continues to be unpredictable, please can you send your child to school with a labelled coat.