COVID-19 Information

COVID-19: School Re-opening Information

Class Organisation

As per the government guidance, the children will be taught in two classes, each one with no more than 15 children. The guidance is that these groups of children should not mix with each other during the day and where possible they should be taught consistently by a specified group of staff.

The groups cannot mix during the day – this means that unfortunately the children will be split from some of their friends and will not be able to mix with them during the school day. Our staff have worked hard to ensure that the children have been split sensitively to ensure that they remain with at least one friend in their class.

We will rename the classes Ladybird class and Butterfly class to ensure that the children see themselves as two distinct classes and we hope that this will help them to understand that the class has been split.

Miss Ozanne will work with Ladybird class and Miss Kinchin will work with Butterfly class. Butterfly class will be moving to a classroom on the opposite side of the corridor to their current classroom – this has been set up in the same style as their current classroom so it looks familiar.

In addition, two learning support assistants from Wildern will be joining our staff temporarily to give us more adults to support the children. They are both experienced LSAs and will be working alongside our staff to enable us to split the children into even smaller groups for activities during the day.

Curriculum and Routines

As the children return to school, our focus will be settling them back into school routines and understanding the new expectations for them in school. We will be returning to much of the work we did in September when they first arrived in school, then again in November when we moved to the new building. Work on personal, social and emotional development will be our focus throughout the half term.

Once we are happy they are comfortable and settled, we will begin assessing them to get a picture of their current levels of understanding.

We will keep the structure of the day similar for them with focus jobs, phonics, maths and independent learning time. As much of our learning as possible will take place outside.

School Drop Off and Pick Up.

To help to support social distancing, and to reduce the number of people on site we will stagger drop off and pick up times.
Group A – should arrive at 8:45am and be picked up at 3pm
Group B – should arrive at 9am and be picked up at 3:15pm

Please stick to these times to help us to keep the children safe.

Please note, school will be closing after lunchtime every Friday to enable us to complete a deep clean of the building.
Group A should be picked up at 1pm and group B should be picked up at 1:15pm on a Friday.

Ladybird class can go through the double gates towards the classroom as normal. Butterfly class should come through the green double gates at the main entrance and then turn left through the wooden gates in front of the hall. You can then walk around the side and back of building to get to butterfly class at the far end on the right.

Parents and siblings will not be allowed inside the classrooms– please leave your child at the classroom door with their teacher. When collecting children from school, please wait outside the classroom at an appropriate social distance from each other. Teachers will bring the children out to you.

If you have a question, you are welcome to come into reception to speak to us. Please observe social distancing. You can also email or phone us.

We ask that you use your common sense and apply the 2m social distancing rule at all times – if you can see it is busy, please wait. When moving around our site, please keep 2m from others, stepping back or waiting if necessary.

Please keep all siblings under control and with you (preferably holding your hand or in a buggy) while they are on our site.

To help to make drop off and pick up easier, we will be opening our car park for you to park in. As above, please observe social distancing and if you are early for a drop off or pick up, wait inside the car until your allocated time. Do drive with extra caution in the car park as there may be adults and children moving around it.

If your child is particularly upset in the morning, please bring them straight into reception. This way we can avoid any congestion at the classroom doors.


Acorns before and after school club will not be running at this time.

We know this will be frustrating and inconvenient for some families, but we have had to prioritise our deployment of staff during the school day to ensure that all children are able to safely return to school with us.


Lunchtimes will be staggered for the children. One class will go for lunch in the hall at 12pm while the other goes out to play on the playground. The hall will then be cleaned before the second class goes in at 12:30pm and the other class has their playtime on the playground.

The children will be spaced around more tables than usual in the hall to increase the distance between them, but they will still sit with their peers and not be isolated.

You will receive a google form as usual to order your child’s school lunches.

You will notice we have added a packed lunch option to the menu. Please can we encourage as many children as possible to choose to have a school lunch to limit the number of packed lunch boxes coming into school.

What to bring to school:

Children should bring one bag (ideally their PE bag) with one full change of clothes (including shoes) in it. This could be their PE kit or a set of uniform.

We will not be changing for PE as so many of the children still need so much assistance with getting dressed. The spare clothes will be used for children to change into if they have an accident.

Children should bring their water bottle into the classroom each day.

If it is sunny, children should bring a hat to school each day. Please ensure your child is covered in sun cream before they come to school if the forecast is good. We will keep them in the shade as much as possible during the day. We cannot apply sun cream in school so please do not send bottles of sun cream in.

Please do not send any other items to school. Book bags, comforters, toys, waterproofs and wellies should all stay at home. We will send home the things we still have in school on the first day.


We understand that many children may have grown out of their uniform. Wherever possible, we do ask you to send your child wearing school uniform (including school shoes). If you are unable to get the correct size of any item, please send them in wearing a similar item (e.g. a dark jumper, appropriate trainers).


The most important thing we can do to keep everyone safe is ensure everyone understands the importance of good hygiene. We will be reinforcing regularly the importance of washing hands, ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ and helping children to understand how germs spread.

All children will wash their hands on arrival at school.
Children will also wash their hands: when changing activity (e.g. coming from outside to inside), before and after eating, after using the toilet and before coming home.
We have purchased a new, milder soap that should not dry their hands out.

Social Distancing

We know that children of 4 and 5 years old will not understand or be able to follow the 2m social distancing rules. We will however explain the principles to the children to help them to understand why this is important and wherever possible we will encourage them to follow a 2m rule.

When sitting on the carpet for activities such as phonics and maths, or sitting at a table for activities such as focus jobs and colouring, we will space the children out to an increased distance apart.

At lunchtimes, the children will be spread out across more tables so there are a maximum of 4 children at any one table.


Frequently touched surfaces such as desks, door handles, taps, toilet flushes and chairs will be cleaned regularly throughout the day and thoroughly every evening.

Children will have their own sets of resources (e.g. coloured pencils, whiteboards, pens etc) that are for their use only. They will have a tray in the classroom to keep these resources in and will be taught to only touch their stationery. Any shared items (e.g. scissors) will be regularly cleaned.

Shared resources – e.g. building blocks – will be cleaned every day. Each class will keep their resources for a whole week before they are deep cleaned on a Friday and swapped between the classes after this.

All soft furnishings, role play items and dressing up clothes have been removed from the classroom.

Each class will have their own set of toilets to use and the number of children in the space at any one time will be limited.

PPE and First Aid

Children must not wear face masks or gloves to school – the government has deemed it unsafe for children to wear them to school.

We have been advised that staff in schools do not need to wear PPE. An exception to this will be if a child displays symptoms of coronavirus, when the member of staff that stays with them while waiting to be collected will wear appropriate PPE – we will of course explain to the child why we are doing this and make sure they are comfortable.

If a child has a toilet accident or is sick, the adult helping them may also wear PPE to ensure they are safe from any transfer of body fluids.

Minor cuts and scratches will be dealt with in class by the staff supervising that group. Adults will wear gloves and all medical waste will be disposed of in sealed medical waste bags.

Any more serious accidents will be dealt with by the school office following our normal first aid procedures.

If we send any child home from school displaying coronavirus symptoms, they are now entitled to a test. We will give you a letter explaining how to do this. We will inform the rest of the class that we have sent someone home displaying symptoms so you can make an informed decision whether to send your child to school until the test results have come back.



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