18th - 22nd September 2023

Highlights of the week:

In English this week the children have been exploring the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We are in the ‘Stimulate and Generate’ phase of our learning journey where the children are encouraged to discuss how the text makes them feel as a reader and complete activities in response to the text. This week, we have looked at the character descriptions of Augustus Gloop and Veruca Salt and completed ‘Inference Icebergs’ where the children have had to read between the lines and make inferences about the character’s personalities. We then moved on to creating our own characters with flawed personalities in the style of Roald Dahl. This has been lots of fun!

Roald Dahl

In maths this week we have continued our place value unit looking at number lines to 10,000. Children have been working out the difference between the start and end points, before deciding what each interval is worth. This has then enabled them to estimate what number the arrow is pointing to.  Number line

In History this week we have been looking at why the Romans built new towns and roads once they invaded Britain. They then found out all about the features of a Roman town such as baths, temples, forums, the basilica and amphitheatre before drawing and labelling their own Roman town. The children worked very hard and have produced some fantastic work in their books.

Year 4 History

The children have been extremely excited about our science this week! They have been attempting to answer the question ‘Do sugary drinks cause tooth decay?’ To do this, we used eggs to represent the enamel of the tooth, and placed them into coke, orange juice, water and no added sugar squash. The children are very excited about making careful observations of the eggs over the coming days.

Year 4 teeth

In spelling this week we have been learning all about the /oo/ sound and looking at this spelt as /ui/ and /ou/. We have looked at words such as ‘suitable, lawsuit, recruitment, bruised, troupe, rouge, wound, recoup, mousse, bouquet and boutique’.

Home learning:

● Please continue to support your child to access Times Tables Rockstars. For maximum impact, it is recommended that children play TTRS for 5 minutes a day.
● Please make sure you are reading with your child at least four times a week.

Key Information:

● PE days for Year 3 are Wednesdays and Thursdays. Please ensure your child has their kit on these days.
● Our library day is Monday, so please make sure your child has their library book to return or renew.