11th - 15th September 2023

Highlights of the week:

The children have had a great first full week at school. They have worked really hard to learn the new routines and expectations of school at Boorley Park. They have enjoyed lots of Independent Learning Time where they have had the opportunity to explore their new learning environment and to play and make friends.


● We have been playing listening games to tune our ears into the different sounds we can hear in our environment.
● We have been playing lots of ‘I spy’ games to help us hear the different sounds in words.
● We have been using our skills of blending and segmenting to have a go at hearing the sounds all through the spoken words.

Yr R Blending 2


● This week we have explored mathematical concepts through story books. We have enjoyed stories such as Pete the Cat and His four Groovy Buttons and Simon Sock. We have followed up mathematical ideas from these books in our Independent Learning Time.


Home learning ideas:

● Enjoy sharing and reading stories together. Talk about new vocabulary you discover in the books you read. Talk about the story characters, story events and story settings in the books you read.
● Can you find any books at home or in the library that have a mathematical theme? Talk about the mathematical concepts within the books. For example, counting, patterns or size.