PTA News

The PTA did a fantastic job organising our Bag2School day and raised a total of £182.40 from all of the textiles collected. This is a huge total for a school as small as ours—thank you to everyone who donated!

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After Christmas, they will be starting a ‘pre-loved’ uniform sale where they will be selling school uniform that still has plenty of life in it but that children have grown out of or no longer need. If you have any items of school clothing (including coats, jumpers, cardigans, shorts, trousers, dresses, t-shirts, skirts and PE kit) that your child has grown out of and you will be getting rid of, please could you consider donating them to the PTA (via the school office) to be sold to support the school. It doesn’t just need to be in small sizes if you have older children too—this can always be stored for future years!

The school also keeps a stock of spare clothes (including underwear and socks) just in case children have an accident but don’t have their own spare set of clothes. Boys and girls pants and socks that are still in good condition are always gratefully received.