Future Paramedics!

The Ambulance

Today Jack and Rob from the ambulance service visited us. They are paramedics and took some time out of their busy day to come in and teach us all about their job. We had an amazing time!

Jack read us one of our non-fiction books about paramedics and talked about some of the pictures. He then took us out to look around the ambulance. When we were in the ambulance we learned about the equipment paramedics carry in the back of an ambulance and about some of the things that they carry in their first aid kits.

Jack and Rob measured some of the children’s heart rates and put them in slings and splints. The children then got the chance to go in the front of the ambulance. They saw the radios, big torches for searching for people in the dark and they put on the flashing lights. Once all the children were out of the ambulance we put on the sirens!

We all had an amazing morning and all the children enjoyed getting a 'future paramedic' sticker.

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