D@rt Recycled Art Project

First of all we had to work in groups to paint the backdrop of the three large pieces of wood. We used green and blue paint to make the sky and the grass. We had to let the paint dry (but our teachers put the boards outside and they got soaked in a passing shower - it took a little longer than we expected to get them dry!)

Learning to Paint

Next, we had to put lots of glue onto the back of some recycled bottle lids to create the shapes of the snail, rainbow and clouds.

Painting 2

We worked together to make patterns and shapes, putting them in the outlines we had been given really carefully.

IMG 0250

Our work is made up of a snail and a rainbow!



You will be able to see our finished work at the D@rt Centre on 19th October. The flyer giving details of the event is in the letters section of this website.

D@rt Flyer - Big Draw Festival