Boorley Park Wildlife Watch

It’s been a busy time at Boorley and wildlife seems to have been a fascination for both classes over the last two weeks.

We were very kindly donated some sunflowers and so each class has been working out where the best place to plant theirs are. They have suggested a competition to see which class can grow the tallest sunflower so watch this space for the results!

Ladybird class discovered grasshoppers and butterflies in their outside classrooms and have been exploring the long grassy areas at the side of the field.

Butterfly class have been learning about some of the fascinating birds of prey they have spotted circling over the school grounds. They have also discovered some holes on our school field—their investigations suggest they are rabbit warrens but they haven't spotted any rabbits around yet. They tried their best to persuade Billy to make snacks for the animals too!

Keep us updated on any wildlife you see at home or when you are out and about—the estate seems to be attracting lots of different types of wildlife.