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Latest News from Boorley Park School

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Our Library - posted 28th Nov

We want to say a huge 'thank you' to Bloor homes who very generously donated us £500 to buy books to add to the space. We used the money to buy some books for our reading scheme - the books that our children bring home with them every week as they learn to read.

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Vacancies for Trustees and Local Governors for Boorley Park - posted 8th Nov

Wildern Academy Trust has vacancies for Trustees and Local Governors for Boorley Park. Over the next few months the Trust will also be seeking Local Governors to form the Local Governing Body (LGB) for Deer Park. The skill specifically needed to fulfil the Trustee vacancies is finance. To fulfil the vacancies on the LGBs a knowledge of education would be an advantage. Above all a commitment and willingness to support the Trust as it expands is essential. If you are interested please contact Annette Towgood

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Our Prospectus 2019-2020 - posted 8th Oct

We are delighted to have taken delivery of copies of our first ever prospectus for Boorley Park Primary School. We hope that it will give parents of children wanting to start at our school in the future more information about our ethos and values and the learning that takes place at our school.

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Making the Snail

D@rt Recycled Art Project - posted 1st Oct

First of all we had to work in groups to paint the backdrop of the three large pieces of wood. We used green and blue paint to make the sky and the grass. We had to let the paint dry (but our teachers put the boards outside and they got soaked in a passing shower - it took a little longer than we expected to get them dry!)

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Visiting the Site

Our Building - posted 12th Sep

We had a brilliant trip to visit the school site last week. Tom, our site manager, took us all on a tour of the building and we saw all of the classrooms and spaces starting to take shape. The last of the scaffolding has come down, the paintwork was being finished, diggers were moving the topsoil to start the landscaping and the carpets were being laid in the classrooms.

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Reading Corner 2

A Brief Stay at Wellstead - posted 11th Sep

Unfortunately, our school building has not yet been finished and so the lovely team at Wellstead Primary School have very kindly lent us the use of one of their classrooms while we wait for our own school to be finished. We’ve been working hard to set up the classroom and make it really exciting for the children! Below you can see pictures of some of the areas we have set up!

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