9th - 13th January 2023

Highlights of the week:


● We have learnt the letter j which is code for /y/ as in yak. We have also learnt the letter group -ai which is code for /ai/ as in first aid. In your child’s phonics wallet you will find some of the sheets that they have completed in the lessons this week.
● We have then had a go at forming our letters correctly. We have been working on our pencil grip using our ‘froggy legs’ and trying to form the letters correctly using the word patters/rhymes to support us.


● This week we have been exploring the composition of 5. The children have used a range of resources to explore different ways to make the number 5 such as cubes, double sided counters, numicon and natural resources. We have then been using 5 frames to support our learning further to see different ways we can make and build the number 5.


● As part of our Jigsaw topic this week we learnt about the body. We talked about different body parts and where we can find them. The children enjoyed drawing around themselves and labelling the different parts of the body.

Little City Role Play:

● The children enjoyed exploring a range of different role play scenarios in our Little City workshop. They enjoyed using a variety of different costumes and props to enhance their role play and begin our topic on people who help us.
● Next week we will begin to talk about special people and special jobs in our community. Talk to your child about the people they might meet in their local area such as a postman or vet.

Home learning ideas:

● Take some time to look through your child’s new phonics folder with them and pick out some pages to practise. You can record this as part of your child’s reading in their reading journal. You may notice some handwritten flashcards tucked in the front of your child’s phonics folder. These words or letters are ones your child found difficult to read during their 1:1 reading activities. You will not always receive these.
● We will be talking about special people, jobs and places. Talk to your child about who is special to them in their life and why. You could then talk about places and jobs in our community. Please share your discussions or photos on Tapestry and we can share these as a class.