21st - 25th November 2022

Highlights of the week:


● We have been learning the letter g which is code for /g/ as in girl. We also learnt the letter o which is code for /o/ as in orange. In your child’s phonics wallet you will find the sheets that they have completed in the lessons this week.
● We have then had a go at forming our letters correctly. We have been working on our pencil grip using our ‘froggy legs’ and trying to form the letters correctly using the word patters/rhymes to support us.


● This week we have been learning about prepositional language. The children have been exploring positional language such as under, on top, over, near, next too, in front of and behind. We have then used these phrases in various practical ways. We have also been learning about the number 4 & 5. We have thought carefully about different representations of the numbers 4 and 5 and begun to think about one more and one less than these numbers.

Core text:

● This week we have been learning about fairy tales. At the start of the week we read ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. We talked about how there are different versions and that sometimes the ending of the story changes depending on which book you read.
● This week we have also been reading the text ‘You Must Bring A Hat’ by Simon Philip. We have been working on locating the title, the author and the illustrator. We have also started to talk about the characters within the story. We have linked this book to our concept of ‘celebration’ and have set the children the challenge of making a hat for our Chritsmas party. ‘The party depends on it!’


● This week in PE Laura (the dance teacher) came in to teach the children a Latin
cha-cha. The children all thoroughly enjoyed themselves when learning the different movements of the routine before putting them all together. We then showed the children some videos of Latin style dancing for them to see what it looks like.


● In music we have been practising our songs for our Christmas performance. The children have been working hard to learn the actions and words ready to perform at our Christmas nativity.

Home learning ideas:

● To support your child in developing their skills of decoding to read words we will send home a comic called ‘sit’. The children have learnt all the sounds in this text so it will be fully decodable for them and allow them to be able to read the words independently. Please comment on your child’s reading of this text in their reading record.
● Start planning, designing and making your hat for our Christmas party celebration! Please bring your hat into school by Thursday 16th December.