12th - 16th December 2022

Highlights of the week:


● We have been learning the letter group -ff which is code for /f/ as in cliff and -ss which is code for /s/ as in glass. In your child’s phonics wallet you will find the sheets that they have completed in the lessons this week.
● We have then had a go at forming our letters correctly. We have been working on our pencil grip using our ‘froggy legs’ and trying to form the letters correctly using the word patters/rhymes to support us.

Core text:

● This week we have been reading a selection of Christmas stories from our library. The children have all enjoyed selecting books to read as a whole class.

The Sleepy Shepherd:

● Thank you so much for attending our Christmas Performance. We really enjoyed performing to such a wonderful audience. We hope you enjoyed our beautiful singing.

Christmas Cards:

● This week the children have been very creative making their own Christmas cards.

Christmas Party:

● Today the children enjoyed wearing their party hats and enjoyed our Christmas party. We played lots of party games and enjoyed lots of dancing!

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Home learning ideas:

● Continue to support your child with their reading by practising reading the ‘phonics comics’ in their phonics wallet.