14th - 18th March 2022

Highlights of the week:


We have learnt the letter u as code for /yoo/ as in unit or uniform. We have also learnt the letter y as code for /igh/ as in fly and sky. We have sent home some flashcards for the words ‘my’ and ‘by’, please practise these as frequently as possible so that children can start to recognise these words by sight.
This week we have started to learn about vowels - a, e, i and o. The children have learnt that the vowels make both a short and long sound. We have enjoyed singing songs to help us learn the different sounds the vowels make.


We have then had a go at forming our letters correctly. We have been working on our pencil grip using our ‘froggy legs’ and trying to form the letters correctly using the word patters/rhymes to support us.

Top tips for phonics:

  • When reading short words, blend with the ‘short’ vowel sound first. If the word does not sound like a real word, try the ‘long’ vowel sound. For example, cat, table, pen, me.
  • When reading words with an ‘e’ on the end, for example, some and come, we have been teaching the children not to say ‘e’ sound at the end of the word.
  • When your child is reading sentences, if they sound out each word and they don’t blend the word back together again and continue just sounding out, for example ‘The c-a-t s-a-t o-n the r--u-g’. After they have sounded out a word, get them to go back to the beginning of the sentence and re-read with minimal blending. Repeat this after each word that they have sounded out it will support their understanding and the fluency of their reading. If your child finds this difficult, model doing it for them.

Science week:

This week the children have enjoyed a range of different scientific experiments exploring different concepts to celebrate science week. The theme of this year's science week was growth. The children have explored how plants grow, life cycles of humans and animals and how we grow and materials. The children have enjoyed actively engaging in a range of practical experiments, planning and predicting what they think might happen.

Cricket day:

This week the children were very lucky and had Tony, the cricket coach from Chance to Shine Cricket come in to teach them how to play cricket. The children all enjoyed practising the skills they needed to play cricket - throwing, catching and running. They also had an assembly that taught them about the game of cricket and how to play cricket.


This week we have been exploring capacity. The children have been using water, sand and rice to compare amounts of capacity. We have used the terms full, empty, half full, half empty, nearly full and nearly empty. We have encouraged the children to explore this throughout their independent learning time by using a range of different containers and challenging the children to fill them to different amounts.


This week we started a new unit called ‘Healthy Me’. The children continued their talk about healthy bodies and things we can do to keep our bodies healthy. We explored the different sports and exercises that we all take part in whether that's in or outside of school. We explored these and talked about the benefits of keeping healthy and moving our bodies.


This week in music the children continued our new unit of ‘Our world’. The children began the lesson by listening to ‘Beyond the sea by Robbie Williams’. They then sang and performed ‘Incy wincy spider’ using the glockenspiels and actions.


Please remember to send in your library books and we will change these as a whole class on a Friday morning.

Home learning ideas:

Can you explore capacity at home with your child, could they have a go at filling cups with different amounts.
Take some time to look through your child’s new phonics folder with them and pick out some pages to practise. You can record this as part of your child’s reading in their reading journal. You may notice some handwritten flashcards tucked in the front of your child’s phonics folder. These words or letters are ones your child found difficult to read during their 1:1 reading activities. You will not always receive these.
Have you downloaded the new White Rose Maths app? If so your child could play some of the games on this to support them with their maths learning.