10th - 14th January 2022

Highlights of the week:


We have learnt the letter j which is code for /j/ as in jar. We have also learnt the letter y which is code for /y/ as in yo-yo. In your child’s phonics wallet you will find some of the sheets that they have completed in the lessons this week.

We have then had a go at forming our letters correctly. We have been working on our pencil grip using our ‘froggy legs’ and trying to form the letters correctly using the word patters/rhymes to support us.


J and Y

Core text:

This week we have been reading ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, a traditional tale. The children have enjoyed exploring the vocabulary, thinking about the characters and setting. They have also had a go at retelling the story and sequencing the story in the correct order.

The children were all surprised and excited this week to get a gingerbread man for their snack time. This was following on from last week's core text.


This week we have been exploring ‘1 more’. We have used ‘first, then and now’ stories to help us work out what ‘1 more than’ a number is. We have practised counting forwards and backwards from any given number.


As part of our ‘Dreams and Goals’ unit we have been learning about always trying our best and never giving up, even when things are difficult. We have linked this learning to our schools core value of determination. We watched the story of the Hare and the Tortoise and discussed how the tortoise showed determination. We have talked about things we have found difficult, like learning to ride a bike, and explained what we did to get success.


We have built on our learning from last week and the gymnasts have tried stepping, leaping, jumping and bouncing over a range of small equipment such as mats, benches, tables, hoops and cones. They have had a go at adding a balance to their sequence of movements.


We have really enjoyed working scientifically this week during our independent learning time. We have explored floating and sinking, creating rainbows and creating shadows. Some of the children even had a go at creating an illusion using refraction! Watch this 55 second video clip to see how you could have a go at home.

Home learning ideas:

  • In your child's phonics wallet you will find an additional ‘j’ and ‘y’ sheet for them, you can talk with your child about the sheets.
  • Take some time to look through your child’s new phonics folder with them and pick out some pages to practise. You can record this as part of your child’s reading in their reading journal. You may notice some handwritten flashcards tucked in the front of your child’s phonics folder. These words or letters are ones your child found difficult to read during their 1:1 reading activities. You will not always receive these.
  • Don’t forget that next week we will be talking about special places. If you haven’t had a chance to share a picture with us yet of a special place for your child or your family, please send us a photo on Tapestry.