7th - 11th November 2022

Highlights of the week:

InEnglish this week, we have been looking at Newspaper reports. We ‘published’ our first issue on the “Boorley News”. Everyone created a newspaper report thinking about all the key features that we looked at last week. We also enjoyed becoming newspaper reporters and interviewed each other to find out more information about the cave paintings in our reports.


In Maths this week, we are coming to the end of our addition and subtraction unit. We practised our subtraction skills and applied them to Harry Potter word problems. We looked at exchanging in both the tens and the hundreds columns to ensure our subtraction was accurate.

This week in Spellings, we have been looking at our new spelling strategies as we move away from phonics and look at spelling rules to help us spell some more complex words. We have looked at some other spelling strategies to help us improve our spelling. We have also been challenging ourselves to add prefixes and suffixes to our spelling words.

Our enquiry question for this term is ‘How do we know about what happened long ago?’ We are now starting to look at the different ages and how things changed over time.

In science, we looked at different layers within the earth’s surface. We focused on the different layers of soil. We also looked at the importance of each layer and what elements make up each layer.

Year 3 layers

In History, we looked at different weapons and tools from the three different ages; Stone, Bronze and Iron. We looked at the differences and how the weapons and tools developed over time. We put the different tools and weapons on a timeline using what we had learnt about the ages to place them correctly.

In Geography, we continued our Land Use unit. We looked at the importance of keys on a map and how they can help us read the maps. We created our own keys for the school building. We then created a map of the upstairs of the school using the key to label our maps.

Home learning:

● Please make sure you are reading with your child at least four times a week and commenting on their reading in their reading record book.
● Your child has come home with a list of spellings, which we will practise on Fridays. Please can you support your child with learning these during the week.
● This week’s spellings - cousins, enough, nourish, country, rough, colour, couple, southern, double, trouble.
● Now we have TimesTables Rockstars, please support your child to access it online. It is recommended that children play TTRS for 5 minutes a day for maximum impact.


● PE days for Year 3 are Wednesdays (outdoors) and Fridays (Indoors).
● Our library days are on Thursdays, please can you make sure your child has their library book to return or renew. We have a few overdue books, please could you look for these at home, so your child can take home a new book.