2nd - 5th May 2023

Highlights of the week:

This week's English lessons focused on planning a story inspired by ‘The Heart and the Bottle’.  We have created a story map for our stories. In the story plan, we have included the five main parts; opening, build up, problem, resolution and ending. We can’t wait to write our stories next week.  

Heart in the bottle3

In maths this week, the focus was on reading the volume and capacity of liquid. The students were shown different containers of various shapes and sizes and learned about how to read the volume and capacity of each container. They also learned about the units of measurement for volume and capacity, such as millilitres and litres.

In guided reading sessions this week, the focus was on a poem titled "Once Upon a Time" which explored the theme of fairy tales. The students were tasked with using their inference skills to draw images based on the descriptions in the poem. As they read and analysed the poem, the students identified key words and phrases that helped them to visualise the setting and characters. They used these clues to create their own illustrations that reflected their understanding of the poem.

Our enquiry question for this term is ‘Why do we believe different things?’

In science for Year 3 students, the focus was on the properties of magnets. The students were shown different types of magnets and learned about their characteristics, such as attracting certain metals and having a north and south pole. The students were then instructed to conduct their own experiment using magnets. They went outside and were asked to predict which materials would be attracted to the magnet and which ones would not. The students tested their predictions by using the magnet to attract each material and recording their results. They also explored the concept of magnetic poles and observed how opposite poles attract while like poles repel each other.

In art, Year 3 learned about Banksy's unique style of artwork, which includes stencils, messages, and humour. They then replicated a number of Banksy's works in pencil, paying attention to the details and style. During the lesson, they discussed the messages in Banksy's artwork and the importance of art in expressing ideas. The students developed their drawing skills and gained an understanding of Banksy's work.


Home learning:

  • Please make sure you are reading with your child at least four times a week and commenting on their reading in their reading record book.
  • Your child has come home with a list of spellings, which we will practise on Fridays. Please can you support your child with learning these during the week.
  • This week’s spelling rule is words ending with the /g/ sound spelt – gue and the /k/ sound spelt – que. Spellings: antique, fatigue, vague, analogue, epilogue, league, unique, cheque, intrigue, argue.
  • Now we have TimesTables Rockstars, please support your child to access it online. It is recommended that children play TTRS for 5 minutes a day for maximum impact.


● PE days for Year 3 are Wednesday (Outdoors) and Friday (Indoors).
● On Tuesday lunchtimes, the children have the opportunity to take part in lunchtime sports clubs. They can bring spare kit to change into for the club. Next week is Tennis.
● Our library days are on Thursdays, please can you make sure your child has their library book to return or renew. We have a few overdue books, please could you look for these at home, so your child can take home a new book.