17th - 21st April2023

Highlights of the week:

 Welcome back to the Summer Term!

This week's English lessons focused on writing character descriptions inspired by ‘The Heart and the Bottle’. Students practised using descriptive language and sensory details to describe the main character. They engaged in various writing activities, such as; looking at the emotions throughout the story. Overall, the lessons aimed to develop their descriptive writing skills and encourage creative character descriptions.

Year 5

This week's Maths lessons centred on mass measurements using scales, focusing on grams and kilograms. Students learned about the concepts of mass, including the difference between grams and kilograms, and practised converting between the two units. They engaged in activities that involved weighing objects on scales, estimating and measuring mass and solving word problems related to mass. Through hands-on activities and problem-solving exercises, students developed their understanding of mass measurements and their ability to apply these skills in real-world contexts.

In guided reading this week, it has centred around the book "Sam Wu Isn't Afraid of the Dark," with a focus on prediction and retrieval skills. Students practised making predictions based on the title, cover, and other clues in the text, and discussed their expectations for the story. They also worked on retrieving information from the text, using strategies such as skimming, scanning, and using context clues to locate specific details or answers to questions.

Our enquiry question for this term is ‘Why do we believe different things?’

This week's science lessons focused on the topic of light and dark. Students learned about the properties of light, how light travels, and how it interacts with objects to create shadows. They learned about the importance of protecting their skin and eyes from the sun's UV rays to prevent sunburn and eye damage. They discussed strategies for sun safety, including wearing protective clothing, using sunscreen and seeking shade during peak sun hours. They designed sunglasses and sunhats to protect people from the sun.

This week's music lessons focused on using boomwhackers to play "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and ended with a challenge to play the more complex "Bare Necessities." Students learned about pitch, rhythm, and melody as they practised playing the songs using the colourful boomwhackers. They improved their music skills, gained confidence and experienced the joy of making music as a group.


This week's Spanish lessons focused on preparing students to translate "The Hungry Caterpillar" into Spanish. We started by learning the Spanish names for the days of the week, practised using them in context, and built vocabulary related to the story. Students were encouraged to actively participate, ask questions and practise their language skills.

Home learning:

  • Please make sure you are reading with your child at least four times a week and commenting on their reading in their reading record book.
  • Your child has come home with a list of spellings, which we will practise on Fridays. Please can you support your child with learning these during the week.
  • This week’s spellings are Year 3/4 spelling words: learn, length, library, fruit, guard, heart, imagine, interest, guide, height
  • Now we have TimesTables Rockstars, please support your child to access it online. It is recommended that children play TTRS for 5 minutes a day for maximum impact.


● PE days for Year 3 are Wednesday (Outdoors) and Friday (Indoors).
● On Tuesday lunchtimes, the children have the opportunity to take part in lunchtime sports clubs. They can bring spare kit to change into for the club. Next week is Tennis.
● Our library days are on Thursdays, please can you make sure your child has their library book to return or renew. We have a few overdue books, please could you look for these at home, so your child can take home a new book.