7th - 11th November 2022

Please remember our car workshop is on Thursday 17th November 2022 at 2.15pm.

Highlights of the week:

● This week we started looking at our Christmas play. The children have been given their roles and scripts, please can you make sure you spend time practicing these with your child. We can’t wait to show you the performance!

● In English we started the week by writing our own short aeroplane story, based on the story Emma Janes Aeroplane. We focused on including expanded noun phrases in our writing, we are experts at using these now! Also, this week, we have focused on past and present tense, coordinating conjunctions, adding punctuation and turning adjectives into adverbs. We have been enjoying using our VocAPPulary pages in our English books to help us remember the definitions of these writing features.

● In Maths, we have continued our addition and subtraction unit. We have been looking at adding and subtracting 2- digit numbers across 10. For this, we have had to use our place value knowledge (tens and ones). We have used practical resources, pictures and abstract representations.

● This week in Phonics we looked at /oor/ as in floor and for our common exception words this week we have learned floor, door and poor. Our handwriting focus letters this week are o and r. This week, we have also looked at our Vocabulary Ninja ‘words of the month’. Our words for November are: leave, song, measure, state, product, price, short, numeral, class and wind. We researched and created definition posters of these words and are going to try and use these words in our own writing.

● In Guided Reading we have focused on non-fiction texts. We have been identifying features specific to non-fiction texts and describing the role of these. Our focus text this week is Flying High.

Flying High2

● In Science, we made a two page ‘fact poster’ about the properties of everyday materials and their uses. Being able to create our own posters about the topic has enabled us to recap prior learning. Please challenge us to tell you about the properties of materials such as; paper, stone, glass and wood.

Home learning:

● Please make sure you are reading with your child at least four times a week and commenting on their reading in their reading record book. Please can reading records stay in your child's book bag.
● Phonics folders are sent home on a Friday, please could these be returned at the start of the next week.
● Please support your child to access Numbots online. It is recommended that children play Numbots for 10 minutes a day for maximum impact.
● Spellings are sent home on Monday’s for the text on Friday. Please can you practice these with your child throughout the week.


● Thursday 17th November 2022- Cars Workshop at 2.15pm.
● Friday 18th November 2022- Non-uniform for Children in Need.