16th - 20th January 2023

Highlights of the week:

● In English we have rounded up our unit about the Titanic by writing a newspaper report detailing the events of the Titanic. To prepare us for this, we started the week by exploring newspapers and identifying the key features of these. We then had a go at ‘setting the scene’ for the sinking of the Titanic, using expanded noun phrases and adjectives. We worked really hard to try and ‘paint an image’ in the reader's head. We were then able to use this writing to write our own newspaper article, including images and captions!

● In Maths, we have finished our unit on money and have now started ‘multiplication and division’. We began by exploring equal groups and discussed how we cannot split odd numbers into two equal groups, but we can split some odd numbers into more than two equal groups. For example 9 can be split into 3 groups of 3. We then practised repeated addition by adding equal groups together.

● This week in Phonics we looked at the /mb/ spelling for ‘m’. In words like comb, climbing and thumb. We spoke about how the ‘b’ is quite cheeky and silent when we read these words. Our homophones for this week are quite and quiet, we created posters to show the different meanings of these words. We learned two more common exception words; every and everybody.

● In Guided Reading we have been continuing to practise the reading skill of retrieval. This week we used the ‘amazing fact page’ from the book ‘Titanic Eyewitness Information Book.’ We were able to look through the page to help us find the answers to questions. To help us do this efficiently, we used the skill of ‘skim reading’ to look for the keywords in our question.

● In RE, we have been focusing on change and how some Christians believe that Jesus was able to change some people. We looked at the stories of Zacchaeus and ‘The Blind Man’ and discussed how Jesus’ actions changed the lives of the people in these stories.

Home learning:

● Please make sure you are reading with your child at least four times a week and commenting on their reading in their reading record book. Please can reading records stay in your child's book bag.
● Phonics folders are sent home on a Friday, please could these be returned at the start of the next week.
● Please support your child to access Numbots online. It is recommended that children play Numbots for 10 minutes a day for maximum impact.
● Spellings are sent home on Monday’s for the text on Friday. Please can you practice these with your child throughout the week.