13th - 17th March 2023

  Highlights of the week:

  • Last week in English we received a mystery package from a meerkat. This week we read the story Meerkat Mail and then sequenced the story, using images and adjectives to describe how Sunny the meerkat was feeling throughout the story. We then spent a few days looking at different spelling, punctuation and grammar activities. We have tried lots of different spelling strategies when spelling commonly misspelt words. We used rainbow writing, pyramid writing, clapping syllables, speed writing and even had a go at writing the word on each other's backs! We completed The Mystery of the Missing Sunglasses, where we needed to work as a team to find clues to solve the problem. To find the clues we needed to correct a range of spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes. We ended the week by writing our own letter home from a trip to South Africa, just like Sunny.


  • We started a new unit in Maths this week. We are looking at ‘time’. We have looked at telling the time to the hour, to half an hour, quarter past the hour and quarter to the hour. We made our own clocks and tested our friends by asking them to show us different times. We then combined all of our learning into a poster about time that we can use to help us remember. We have learned that the hour hand is the little hand and the minute hand is the longer hand. Some of us found this quite strange because we know that an hour is actually longer than a minute but this helped us to remember!  We have explored how there are 60 minutes in an hour, which means that there are 30 minutes in half an hour. It has been interesting to recognise how we can use our knowledge from other Maths units to help us when learning time.
  • In Phonics we have been looking at ‘ci’ as code for ‘sh’ in words like magician, special and official. We also learned two more Year 2 common exception words, sure and sugar. We noticed how the ‘s’ at the start of these words made the ‘sh’ sound also. We practised learning the spelling of these in our ‘Graffiti Time!’ 
  • In Design Technology we have planned and made pancakes. It was very exciting to be able to use our very own instructions to create a pancake that we were able to eat! We worked as a group to take it in turns to add the ingredients and prepare the pancake mix. After we ate our delicious pancakes, we evaluated our experience. This means we ‘reflected’ on what went well and what we could improve next time. We were all very proud of our cooking!
  • In Geography, we have combined all of our learning and research about Kenya into a class non-fiction book. We have worked really hard to find out all about Kenya. I wonder if we could tell you what population means. Ask us what the population is in Kenya! 

Home learning:

  • Please make sure you are reading with your child at least four times a week and commenting on their reading in their reading record book. Please can reading records stay in your child's book bag.
  • Phonics folders are sent home on a Friday, please could these be returned at the start of the next week.
  • Please support your child to access Numbots online. It is recommended that children play Numbots for 10 minutes a day for maximum impact.
  • Spellings are sent home on Monday’s for the text on Friday. Please can you practice these with your child throughout the week.