2nd - 6th May 2022

Highlights of the week:

This week has been short but full of surprises! Today we had a surprise visit from Deer Park to teach us Science. We can’t wait to tell you all about what we did and how it worked!

In English we have recapped spelling, grammar and punctuation this week. We reviewed apostrophes, sentence structure, editing and using the suffixes -ness and -er to form nouns. 

In Maths we continued learning about time. We have learnt how to work out the duration of an activity when two times have been given. We learned to use the stopwatches to time each other doing challenges, including running around the field. We have compared durations of time and we have worked on problem solving activities with time.

In History we looked at Christopher Columbus. I wonder if your child can remember any facts about him which we learnt this week? We looked at different sources which told us about Christopher’s life and we discussed how they were different and gave different points of view. We talked about how this is common in History to find different accounts of an event and it is important to look at both points of view.

Thank you for bringing in your special books for RE. The children enjoyed sharing their books and talking about why they are special to them. We looked at how all our books were different and how some held special memories, some informed us of religions and some taught us lessons. We learnt that Christians have a special book called the Bible which they read and learn from. Next week we will be looking at other religions and the special books they use.

In Jigsaw we have started our unit on relationships. We have been talking about different relationships in families and what families can look like. We have been talking about physical contact and the importance of personal space.

In computing we have been using Scratch Jr to programme on the chrome books. In PE we worked on our football skills to help us tackle in a game of football.

Home learning:

  • Please complete the phonics worksheet on the alternative spellings of the ‘zh’ sound.
  • Please complete the reading sheet with your child.
  • Please make sure you are reading with your child at least four times a week and commenting on their reading in their reading record book.
  • Please support your child to access Numbots online. It is beneficial for supporting your child’s fluency in maths.