22nd - 25th November

Highlights of the week:

We have started practising our Christmas play! This has been very exciting and it has helped us count down to Christmas.

In English we have been exploring the experiences of the Wright Brothers and their first flight. We started by talking about their experiences in pairs. We then acted out their experiences. This helped us to imagine their feelings and talk about the flight from their point of view. Once we were confident with acting and recounting the experience verbally, we planned our diary entry. Next, we wrote our diary entries and edited them to make sure our punctuation, spelling and grammar was right.

Wright Brothers

We have started our next unit in maths. This has been very exciting because it is money. We are counting, adding, comparing and finding the difference between amounts of money.

In Phonics we have been revising lots of sounds and practicing applying them. We have specifically been looking at the split digraph i-e and e-e.

We looked at reading sheet music this week. We used our sheet music to play our Christmas song on the glockenspiels. We enjoyed reading the music and listening to the pulse of the song to guide us in playing it to the beat.

In Science we returned to our longitudinal study on plants. We researched what different seeds need to survive. We researched this by looking at different seed packets and reading some non-fiction books.

We have enjoyed PE this week as we have been able to practise our bat and ball skills more. We are getting confident in hitting the ball back to our partners. We are now working on tactics we can use to help us in a game of tennis.

In DT we measured our egg boxes and drew detailed designs for our toy cars. This has helped us to plan and organise our thoughts so we can turn our imaginations into a reality.

Home learning:

  • Please practice your child’s lines for the Christmas play. They are starting to sound confident and able to act and use expression when they are delivering them.
  • Thank you for completing the phonics homework. This week there are two phonics worksheets to complete on the alternative spellings for the ‘igh’ sound spelt /ie/ and /i-e/ and the ‘ee’ sounds spelt /ea/ and /e-e/.
  • Please make sure you are reading with your child at least four times a week and commenting on their reading in their reading record book.
  • It has been lovely to have excited children celebrating their achievements on Numbots this week. Please support your child to access Numbots online. It is beneficial for supporting your child’s fluency in maths.