21st - 25th March 2022

Highlights of the week:


We had a lot of fun making pancakes this week in DT. We used our instructions which we wrote last week in English, based on ‘Mama Panya’s Pancakes’. First, we made the batter and then we choose the toppings we would like on our pancakes. We practised measuring out the different ingredients and then making sure they were the right consistency before they could be cooked. They were very yummy!

On Monday we received a mystery parcel in the post. Inside was a small Meerkat toy, we recognised it straight away and wanted to find out more information about Meerkats so we did some research. We then made a word bank and defined any key words we didn’t know the meaning of. This was to help us in writing our information texts on Meerkats. We then used all our information from our key words and a mind map to write an information text on Meerkats. We edited our work and checked our spellings and tenses.

In Geography we have been researching Kenya as our country topic. We wrote up our fact files on Kenya, including key information for example, the capital, their leader, the weather and climate, the mountain, biggest river, how many people live there and what language do they speak. We have put them together to make a class information book on the country.

In Maths we started the week by learning about 3D shapes. We were sorting 3D shapes, making patterns with 3D shapes and we did an end of unit quiz on 2D and 3D shapes. Our next unit in Maths is fractions which started with a lovely cake delivery from Billy! We explored the different ways we could cut the cake up so that we had equal parts, we recorded what the fractions were and how we write them. Hedgehog class then enjoyed eating the cake!

In Phonics we have been learning /gu/ spelling for the ‘g’ sound and the /bu/ spelling for the ‘b’ sound.

In Gymnastics this week we explored moving around on the different apparatus in different ways. We had different height benches out so we had to explore different ways of moving for each one. We also learnt how to do a handstand. This was a lot of fun and needed a lot of practice but we got there in the end.

Home learning:

● Please complete the phonics worksheet on ‘mb’ and ‘sc’.
● Please complete the reading sheet with your child.
● Please make sure you are reading with your child at least four times a week and commenting on their reading in their reading record book.
● Please support your child to access Numbots online. It is beneficial for supporting your child’s fluency in maths.