1st - 4th March 2022

Highlights of the week:

This week has been a busy first week back at school! We have continued to look at our enquiry question ‘Are we all equal?’ This half term we are exploring the concepts of fairness and society through geography.

World Book Day was full of exciting activities! Thank you for bringing in your favourite books, it was so lovely to share them with each other and talk about why they are our favourites. In the morning we experimented with making magic potions after looking at stories with potions in. We loved mixing the ingredients together and watching the bubbles grow over the bowls. After that we read the story ‘Happy Hatch Day’ by Rob Biddulph who writes and illustrates his books. He has made videos on his website on how to draw his main characters in his stories. We followed along to draw our own dinosaur Greg. We had story time with different adults in school after snack. We got to choose which story we wanted to listen to and then we found out who was reading the story. In Hedgehog class we then looked at book reviews. We shared our favourite books with our friends and reviewed why we liked these books and who we would recommend them to. At lunch Amy had made a hungry caterpillar out of cupcakes: they looked amazing! After lunch we completed a staff quiz, we had baby photos and favourite books which we had to match to the staff member in school. We found it tricky at the start, however, we soon matched all the photos. We played consequences and added to the school story. We finished the day by reading our favourite stories with each other. Thank you for such a fun day!

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In guided reading we explored the book ‘Africa is Not a Country’. It has helped us learn the names of some African countries and where they are on the continent. The book also introduces us to different children and traditional customs of their country.

In Geography we focused on one country in Africa: Kenya. We researched Kenya and used different resources to find out where it is in Africa. We wanted to gain as much information about this country as possible so we read and explored the country and what it is like. We recorded these down and we will continue to use these in our research as we move on this term.

The sound in phonics this week is ‘x’. We looked at the different pronunciations of /x/ as ‘ks’ as in ‘box’ and ‘gz’ as in ‘exam’.

In PE we started a new unit in gymnastics. We started with practising balance and rolls. We made sequences which tested our core strength and control.

Home learning:

  • This week your child has a 5-times tables activity sheet to complete.
  • Please complete the phonics worksheet on the ‘x’ pronunciations.
  • Please make sure you are reading with your child at least four times a week and commenting on their reading in their reading record book.
  • Please support your child to access Numbots online. It is beneficial for supporting your child’s fluency in maths.