13th - 17th December

Highlights of the week:

This week, we performed the Christmas play ‘Big Little Nativity’. We are all so proud of ourselves and our friends. We enjoyed showing our adults the play. Some of us felt a bit nervous before the play so we looked at our grown ups or the teachers to help us stay calm. Our favourite song was ‘Sing the Good News’. Thank you for coming to watch our performance.
With love from Hedgehog Class.

We have made lots of Christmasy things this week including our props for the Christmas play. We made cards for our families and Christmas hats for our Christmas meal!

In Science we have been seeing if plants can grow in the winter. We have done this by planting them outside and measuring them to see if they are growing. So far they have not grown. This shows us that peas cannot grow in the winter.

This week we have learnt about Tower Bridge in English. We have been making leaflets to inform people about the history of Tower Bridge.

In maths we have been looking at equal groups and arrays. We started by adding equal groups together. Then we looked at arrays and some problem solving questions.

In Phonics we have learnt the ‘or’ spelling of the /er/ sound. For example as in ‘world, worship, worm and work.’

We have read lots of great Christmas stories this week and we have taken it in turns to read a story to the class. Our favourite Christmas stories are ‘The tale of Jack Frost’, ‘Santa needs a wee!’, ‘Clump, the Coal no one Wanted for Christmas’ and ‘Father Christmas on the Naughty Step.’

Home learning:

  • This week the phonics worksheet is on the ‘or’ spelling for the /er/ sound.
  • Please make sure you continue to read with your child over the Christmas break.
  • Please support your child to access Numbots online over the holidays. It is important to keep practicing their maths so they do not lose their fluency.