The Enormous Turnip

What a great start to our year, here in Otter Class. We have been exploring our continuous provision space, enjoying our new resources such as natural blocks, water play, and large outside construction.

In addition to this, we have started using Boorley Park’s very first exercise books for English, Maths and Topic. In English, we have learned the class story ‘The Enormous Turnip’, and we made our own story maps so we can retell the story. We are looking forward to writing a new version of the story that we will share electronically with the Year R children very soon!

Billy also discovered that most of the class had never tried a turnip before so he made us turnip soup. The adults thought it was delicious but it received mixed responses from the class!

Turnip Soup

In Maths, we have been consolidating lots of our place value knowledge from Year R as well as applying our knowledge to problems.

In Science, we have planned some planters to start a new nature area. We will be planting these very soon.

IMG 20200917 102344