Year 1 - Otter Class

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Below you can see a snapshot of what Otter class were learning about last year when they were in Year R.  Check back again soon to see what they have been up to in their first few weeks in Year 1.

The Enormous Turnip

The Enormous Turnip - posted 25th Sep

What a great start to our year, here in Otter Class. We have been exploring our continuous provision space, enjoying our new resources such as natural blocks, water play, and large outside construction.

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Lets Get Fit

Let's Get Fit Topic - posted 25th Feb

We have kick-started our topic with a fun filled day full of exercises. We have taken a run around the school grounds (in preparation for our sports relief challenge), played team games in the hall, taken part in aerobics (and calmed ourselves down) and stretched our bodies out with yoga. We have also taken part in a time trial and recorded our scores. Using a sand timer we took on three ‘one minute challenges’: we had to see how many laps we could do of our outdoor classroom, how many jumps we could do with two feet together and how many jumps we could do backwards and forwards over a hurdle. We will test ourselves again at the end of the topic to see if all the exercise we have been doing has helped our bodies become fitter, stronger and faster. We have talked about the importance of exercise, the changes that happen to our bodies when we exercise and we have started to talk about healthy food choices. During this topic, we will be learning more about the impact physical exercise has on our bodies, what we can do to keep our minds and bodies healthy and the importance of good oral hygiene.

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Celebrations Topic - posted 3rd Dec

This week we started our new topic 'Celebrations'. We are learning about special events and festivals from around the world and are finding out how people from different cultures celebrate.

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Daredevil Duck - posted 26th Sep

The children have met a new hero - Daredevil Duck! He has been teaching the children about our core value of 'courage'. The children have been set the challenge of being brave and trying new things in the spirit of our new friend.

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Water Play

Our First Full Week - posted 17th Sep

We've had a busy couple of days in Ladybird class as we start to adjust to being full time at school. Miss Ozanne and Miss Kinchin have been so proud of how willing everyone has been to 'have a go' at new activities and try new things.

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Where will you go

Our First Three Days - posted 13th Sep

We've had a fantastic first three days at school! Our focus has been on learning about our school core value of 'respect' and we have been practising how to be respectful to each other and the resources in the classroom. Miss Ozanne and Miss Kinchin have been so impressed with how well the children can listen and how good they are at following instructions!

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