9th - 16th December 2022

Highlights of the week


This week we introduce the children to the sound /air/ as in hair. The children have taken to this sound well and have been using it in their sentence writing activities. We have also reviewed some of our previous learnt sounds. We have been concentrating on sh and ch. Some of the children found these sounds a little confusing towards the beginning of the week but are making great progress and are noticing them in our everyday words. We are really pleased with how this new learning is developing.


This week in maths we have introduced the children to dienes. The children have taken well to this new learning and have been separated larger numbers into tens and ones. The children have had great fun using the dienes as stamps to create their own numbers.


In English this week we have rounded up our descriptive unit by choosing appropriate adjectives for a winter scene. The children have also been introduced to a thesaurus and have learnt what we would use one for. This skill will continue to be developed across the year as we look more into alphabetical order.


In RE this week we have been looking at the christmas story and what it means to go on a journey. As a class we have had some great discussions about what journeys we have been on and how they made us feel.

We rounded off our week by having a christmas filled day including lots of christmas crafts which the children have really enjoyed.