9th - 13th January 2023

Highlights of the Week:

Thank you for the riddles you sent in as part of last week's homework. We have enjoyed challenging the children with them! We are hoping to be able to bring the tablets out in a few weeks as part of our morning job so that the children can have some time to work on Numbots. Please can you let us know if you have lost your log in details.


This week we have spent time revising ‘ar’ and ‘-ed’. The children are becoming more familiar with the sounds they have been introduced to and are trying to actively participate when we revise our flashcards as part of our phonics learning.


We continued our journey looking at teen numbers working our way up to 20 this week. The children are becoming more familiar with the concept of 17 having one ten and seven ones. As the week progressed, we started to look more at how a number line is organised and how it can be used to help us with our addition.


In Spanish this week we have been learning some of the words used to name animals. The children have enjoyed listening to the pronunciation of some of the letters and recognising how different it sounds to the way we pronounce them.


This week we started having a go at writing our own animal based riddles for our class book. The children started by writing a fact page and then using their knowledge to come up with puzzling facts they could use as part of their riddle. We will be using this animal knowledge throughout the term to support different areas of learning.


This week we challenged the children to follow some instructions, an ‘algorithm’ and make a Mr Potato Head. The children thoroughly enjoyed this activity and are showing a good understanding of how computers can help us in our daily lives.