9th - 12th May 2023

Highlights of the Week:

Thank you to those of you who were able to join us for our celebration afternoon last week. The children had a wonderful time sharing their learning with you. Here are a couple of pictures from the day for you to see.

 Yr1 12.05


We have continued with our revision of phonics sounds this week, learning about split digraphs. We have been writing and reading words and sentences containing the e-e (compete), o-e (spoke) and u-e (tune and flute) split digraphs.

We have been using phonics play to help us with our word reading of the ‘alien’ words. You can access some of their resources from home without a subscription.


Miss Ozanne will be holding a phonics screening information meeting for parents on the 25th May at 2.55pm in the hall for those of you who would like more information about the screening commencing the week of the 12th June.


We have moved onto our fractions unit this week looking at finding half and a quarter of a shape and then applying this knowledge to find half and a quarter of an amount.  It started off well when Mr Hammond and Mrs Le Peuple broke a chocolate bar in ‘half’. They were both very pleased with their share of the chocolate! However, the children argued that it wasn’t fair because the two pieces of chocolate were not equal and that Mrs Freemantle and Miss Long were missing out!

We used A short BBC Bitesize animation to explain fractions as a half and a quarter. You can watch the video by following the link below.


We used a range of equipment to help us when sharing amounts into half and using our maths knowledge to make sure both groups were equal.

We have spent time this week working on our mental maths using the White Rose 1-minute maths app. This is free to download onto a device and the children have enjoyed seeing their score against the clock!



As part of our learning based on ‘The Paper Bag Princess’, we have been finding out more about how to identify good and bad characters in stories. We had a great discussion about some of the characters, particularly Harry Potter who was a bit mischievous at school but was generally a good character.

We also designed our own dragon and then wrote instructions about how to capture it! To help us we read the story of ‘How to catch a star’ by Oliver Jeffers for some ideas as we may have had to lasso our own dragon as a way of getting hold of him!

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpyR6hJPxiw             You might like to listen to the story together.

 Coronation Activity: 

The entire school took part in the Coronation Activity on Tuesday. As King Charles III enjoys nature, we all took the time to paint a picture of nature using watercolour paint. The children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this.



 Home learning: 

  • Please continue to read with your child as often as you can.
  • Can you find half or a quarter of objects or amounts around your home? For example, if you are having pizza for dinner, you could take time to talk about how it has been cut.