7th - 11th November 2022

Highlights of the week:


We have been working on the ‘c’ as in circus and spicy, and -se used in the words house and nurse. The children found ‘c’ quite tricky but we will continue to revisit this throughout the year using flash cards and word reading cards to support their understanding of the sound this letter makes.


We have moved onto subtraction this week as part of our maths unit. The children will continue with this into next week before we move onto geometry before Christmas. The children are starting to recognise the fact families within addition and subtraction and we are continuing to use multilink and tens frames to support our learning.


This week the children got to look at, discuss and place on a timeline images from the past to present day. Following the discussion about artefacts found in Botley last week, the children enjoyed looking at photos of Botley through the ages.


This week we wrote a letter to a fairy tale character. We had to include the elements of letter writing we had been taught as well as asking the character a question using a question mark. The children worked from a plan that they had put together with a bit of support. We found out that when you write a plan of what you are going to write, you don’t have to use full sentences!


We all got to log into the Chromebooks this week to find out more about Chrome Canvas. The children managed to log in, some with support, and then draw a picture of a plant on Canvas using the trackpad to form their picture. We were very impressed with the ‘slow and steady’ approach to this and the resilience the children showed as using a trackpad can be a little tricky at times!