6th - 10th March 2023

Highlights of the week:

Please can you encourage your children to play Numbots at home, it would be lovely to see more Year 1s receiving certificates in assembly.  We have set the children a challenge to increase the number of certificates before the Easter holidays!

Good luck Year 1.


We have been learning some of the trickier sounds in unit 7 this week in time for the national phonics screening in June. The letter group is ‘ph’ as in elephant and phonics. The children have started to notice this letter group within our reading and are working hard to sound it out independently.

In preparation for the screening, we have started to do practise screening tests with the children in order to make the experience less daunting for them. This will also give us a guide to which sounds they need to practise.


We have been working this week on our understanding of the 10, 5 and 2 times tables. We have been looking for patterns in our counting and using songs to help us learn them. We are all really confident counting in 10’s but we are finding 2’s and 5’s a little tricky. For home learning this week please help us with our 5 times table. You could play games such as, counting your footsteps in 5s or counting 5p pieces.  


We are using our knowledge of the environment, taken from our two recent books, to write our own story looking at how the characters could work together to help restore something to its natural beauty. Some of the children have decided to write about litter and plastic in the ocean hurting the animals, others have focused on trees being knocked down for new homes. The skill this week was to see if we could write our story clearly using a beginning, middle and end.


We spent some time looking at the key organs within our body this week and explaining their function. The children were really interested to see the images of the different organs, some were quite surprised at how they looked.