6th - 10th February 2023

Highlight of the week:


This week we have been revisiting the ‘sh’ sound as in sheep and ship. The children have enjoyed revisiting this sound and applying it to longer words that they have come across since last looking at the sound. The children have also been introduced to the ‘gn’ sound as in ‘gnat’ and ‘design’. The children have taken to seeing this sound well and are keen to look out for the sounds as we continue to look at some of the ‘gn’ containing words.


This week we have had a focus on the 2s, 5s and 10 times tables. The children have completed a number of missing number sequences as well as taking part in songs that help them to recall these numbers. The children have additionally been consolidating the learning of addition and subtraction within 20 that we have been looking at over the term.


In English we finished our non-fiction reports about our chosen animals and moved on to editing our work. The children have been introduced to a purple editing pen which we used to edit our work and to look out for full stops and capital letters.


In science this week we have revisited our learning over the past half term of animal groups, diet and habitat and created an animal fact file to represent these. It was lovely to see the range of animals that the children had facts to share about.


This week we have continued to spend some time completing assessments on the children including days of the week, Year 1 common exception words as well as numbers as words.