5th - 9th September 2022

We have been so proud of how the children have started their first week in year 1. They are really settling into the routines of the year group and making new friends with other children in their class.

Phonics and reading

For the next two weeks the children will be receiving paper copies of reading material to support their reading practise at home. This is because over the summer we have been working on reorganising our banded reading books so that they can be more accurately matched to the phonics being taught in class. This will be explained fully at the phonics workshop on Monday 26th at 9am. From this date the children will be able to bring reading books home again. In the meantime, please continue to read with your child or children. You can use the paper texts that we send home or you can revisit their phonics work in their phonics folders to help consolidate the learning they have been completing in class. This can be recorded in your child’s reading record. The children will also be bringing home library books to share with you.
Thank you for your ongoing support with your child’s reading.


This week we started our unit on place value. We shall be learning about this for a few weeks as it will help us secure our understanding of number. The children have been looking at ways to sort different objects, some chose to sort based on the colours of different objects whilst others chose to sort by shape. As the week went on, we started to look at ten frames and how helpful they were in helping us add two numbers together.


We have started our unit on plants this week, this unit is linked to our English topic. The teachers found some small bead looking objects on their way to school and discussed with the children what they thought they could be. We then had the chance to look at a bulb that hadn’t been planted yet and the children were able to recall how to plant bulbs and seeds and what was needed to help them grow.


The children really enjoyed learning actions for our story this week, The Enormous Turnip. They were able to retell the story without the need for looking at the book! You might want to see if they can act it out for you over the weekend.


On Thursday, the children had their first PE lesson with the P.E. coaches from ICON, Sam and James. They will bee coaching the children every week in a range of different sports over the course of the year.


Over the course of the year, the children will have multiple opportunities to use the Chromebooks and tablets. Therefore, we started our E-Safety unit this week, talking with the children about how to stay safe online. We talked about strangers and how we wouldn’t speak to them or share any of our personal information. We explained to the children that this is similar to how we use computers. The children will be watching some videos over the coming weeks that explain more about sharing things or playing games online and how to stay safe.