5th - 9th December 2022

Highlights of the week:


We have continued our learning of split vowel digraphs this week looking at a-e, used in wake and shape. The children are really enjoying revising all of these letter groups and are noticing them in our everyday words. We are really pleased with how this new learning is developing.


We have been continuing to look at shapes. At the beginning of the week we have been studying the names of common 2D shapes and noting the differences between theses and 3D shapes. From this we have been looking at different shape patterns and tried to replicate repeating shape patterns.


In English this week we have been looking at adjectives. We have looked at the purpose of adjectives and how it can be used to make our writing more interesting. We have looked at different words we can use to express temperature from scorching to freezing. We will be using this knowledge to help us create a piece of descriptive writing about a winter scene.


This week in art we planned out our winter collage, thinking of different objects we might see in the winter months. From this we used our plans and created a colourful collage on a winter picture background. We used the techniques that we have previously looked at and carefully chose the appropriate colours to match our design. We are looking forward to displaying these in our Year 1 collage gallery on Monday 12th December.