3rd -7th October 2022

Highlights of the week:

The children will be bringing homework home tonight to consolidate their learning from this week.

Phonics and reading

The children have all been read with and have had the opportunity to take reading books home. We are noticing that some of the children are a little less nervous reading than when we first heard them so don’t be surprised if they jump units over the coming weeks!

We have been working on /oi/ and /oy/ this week, recognising that usually oy is found at the end of the word whilst oi is at the beginning or in the middle of a word.


We are consolidating our learning this week based on the place value assessment we completed last week. We are still working hard to recognise and be confident with the symbols for greater than and less than. These will continue to be used throughout the year.


Our science experiment is coming along nicely, some of the plants are feeling the lack of water and have started to wilt. This week we are comparing common plants found in the UK. We look forward to seeing you next Friday afternoon if you are able to join us.


We have started our new unit of ‘instruction writing’ with the children. We got into a bit of a pickle on Wednesday when Mr Hammond and Mrs Le Peuple attempted to make a jam sandwich using the children’s instructions! Somehow, put the butter on the bread has a new meaning! We realised together the importance of using clear instructions when trying to explain how to do something.


This week we spent time learning how to count to 5. The children really enjoyed this and we had a go at ‘Spanish colour by number’ after! You might like to ask us if we can remember the numbers!


In geography this week, we got to use the BeeBots to help us develop our directional language and put our knowledge of compass points together.