30th January - 3rd February 2023

Highlights of the week:


Our learning this week has focused on ‘th’ as in ‘think’ and ‘path’ as well as ‘ch’ as in ‘chair’ and ‘chick’. The children have been working hard to apply these sounds in their writing. We have also been encouraging children to clearly listen for these sounds particularly when at the beginning of a work such as the days of the weeks.
Chuesday into Tuesday
Fursday into Thursday


We continued our maths journey looking at subtraction this week. We were crossing out using a tens frame as well as counting back on a number line. The children then moved onto looking at related fact families. We have looked at this in previous units and it needed a little bit of a refresher but we got there in the end.


In English this week we have been starting to write our own non-fiction report about an animal. We started the week by using the tablets to find a range of facts about our chosen animal such as its habitat, diet and appearance. We then took our notes and put them into full sentences under different subheadings. Next week we will be looking at adding an image and a caption to our animal reports.


In science this week we have been looking at different animal habitats across the world. We have matched a number of animals to their habitat and discussed why we think that the animal lives there and what would happen if it moved to a different habitat. The children were very engaged with their learning and came up with some very interesting ideas.


This week and into next week we will be spending time with the children completing some assessment activities. These include a reading assessment, whether the children can read and spell common exception words and end of unit assessments.