2nd - 5th May 2023

Highlights of the Week

Thank you to those of you who joined us for our open afternoon this week. The children have been working really hard on their information books and were looking forward to sharing them with you. The children looked fabulous dressed up for the occasion!

We have continued with our phonics revision this week looking at the letter groups ‘ar’ as in farm, cart, charm and ‘-ue’ as in rescue and argue. We revise the letter groups taught with the children daily and write words and sentences independently in our phonics books to further consolidate their learning.

To help your child prepare for the Phonics Screening that will be happening in the week beginning 12th June you could enjoy some games of ‘Obb and Bob’. In this game the children need to read ‘real’ words and ‘fake’ words and sort them accordingly.



We began a new unit this week based on the text ‘The Paper Bag Princess’. The children started off by making a prediction about the object Mr Hammond found whilst out walking over the bank holiday weekend. Some children thought it might be a dragon's egg, others thought it could be the egg of a golden eagle because there were golden imprints over parts of the shell. Watch this space …

Paperbag princess      


In maths this week we have been learning about repeated addition and sharing items into equal groups.

Yr 1 maths


We spent Wednesday making moving pictures. We found out how to make sliders and levers to make parts of the picture move in different directions. We started off cutting out a picture of a knight and adding split pins to make his arms and legs move. The children really enjoyed having their own moving knight!

After this, the children spent some time making a background picture on which to place their moving parts. Some drew pictures of a castle, others had forests. We saw some moving dragons, a knight on a horse moving along the page! It was all very exciting and the children were really engaged in the activity.

We wish you all a very happy long weekend!