28th November - 2nd December 2022

Highlights of the week:


We have continued our learning of split vowel digraphs this week looking at o-e, used in smoke and rope. The children are really enjoying revising all of these letter groups and are noticing them in our everyday words. We are really pleased with how this new learning is developing.


We have moved onto our geometry unit this week and started by sorting 3D shapes. The children have been learning new vocabulary including cylinder, cube, cuboid and sphere. We will continue to learn more about shape for the next few weeks until the Christmas break.


This week we have started our art unit where we will collage our final piece of work in time for the exhibition on the 12th December. We looked at work by Megan Coyle and Henri Matisse and talked about what we did and did not like about their work. The children then got the chance to look at different techniques used when collaging including making springs, cutting wavy lines and tearing. The tearing appeared to be the tricker of the techniques as the children found that it was harder to be accurate with the lines they wanted to make - but we kept working at it!


We completed our unit on seasons this week by discussing the sorts of clothes we might wear at different times of the year. The children have enjoyed noticing the changes as we have gone from wearing shorts and t-shirts to hats, scarves and gloves!