27th February - 3rd March 2023


Highlights of the Week:


This week we have been learning ‘-tch’ and ‘ure’ in our phonics time. We know that -ure is a tricky letter group that we don’t hear very often but we are all aware of the sound it makes now. The children will be bringing home homework to help consolidate ‘-tch’.


During this week, we have been looking at missing numbers on a number line and making estimations about where to position numbers on blank number lines. We found this a little tricky but we will come back to this another time. The children have also worked on one more and one less within 50. We are still finding it a little difficult when we bridge ten so have been counting lots to help us.


We read ‘The Great Paper Caper’ this week and learnt some new topic vocabulary including: alibi, culprit, investigation and eye-witness. The children have enjoyed this story about a bear desperate to win a competition that he ends up making a few poor choices. We wrote a story mountain to record the beginning, middle and end of the story.


This week we found out a little about the continents of Asia and Africa. We will continue to learn about continents over the coming weeks. We found out that Asia is the biggest continent and they have very different weather including tropical rain, warm sunshine and snow!


This week we are learning to type our name using capital letters, spaces and full stops. We will be changing the font and colour of our typing using the tools on screen.

World Book Day:

The children enjoyed World Book Day and their costumes were fabulous. We spent time sharing the books children had as part of their costume. This was a lovely opportunity to share a story we may not have heard before.