26th - 30th September

Highlights of the week:

The children will be bringing homework home tonight to consolidate their learning from this week. We will be issuing reading books next week.

Phonics and reading

In phonics this week we have been focusing on the sounds /ou/ as in ‘ouch’ and /ow/ as in ‘town’. We have been practising decoding longer words to identify these key sounds as well as reading extracts that contain words with these sounds in them. The children have been working hard on hearing these sounds in spoken words and implementing this into their writing. The children have often been finding these words in their own free reading time and coming to show an adult with their discovery.


This week in maths the children have been looking at a numberline. They have been identifying a given number and practising counting on from a set number. Additionally, to this we have continued to work on ‘one more’ and ‘one less’. In the later part of this week the children have been introduced to ordinal numbers from 1st to 5th, this will be continued into next week's learning.


We are continuing our study about plants, moving on to different types of trees. The children have been learning about evergreen and deciduous trees and the different characteristics that these trees have. From this we noticed that the leaves are often very different between the two types. We took a closer look at these differences and classified them into each type.


In English this week we have been concentrating on our sentence writing. This has included the use of ‘and’ as a connective, using question marks and exclamation marks as well as knowing when to use a capital letter. From this we hope that the children will be able to implement this across all of their work and continue to be great writers.


This week the children created a map of the school grounds. They have drawn symbols on the map showing key items such as the playground, benches, bins and the field. From this they added a key to help the user identify these items on their maps.