24th - 28th April 2023

Highlights of the week:

We had a fabulous time at Portchester Castle this week. We are so proud of the children for showing our core value of respect to all of the members of the public. The grown ups in the church were especially complimentary about how well they had all listened to the lady who had taken her time to show us around the church.

The children were able to identify and name different parts of the castle and were very impressed that the old Roman walls are 1000 years old! They enjoyed learning about different artefacts, particularly the cannonball and arrowheads. They enjoyed learning about the church and discovering that there is a hollow section in the floor because underneath is the remains of a Roman Fort.

Thank you to all of the parent helpers who gave up their time to help us on the trip.


We have continued with our phonics revision this week looking at some of the split digraph letter groups a-e, e-e and o-e, as well as the letter groups ir and ur. Please make sure you continue to read regularly with your child at home to support them with their reading journey.

Top Tip:

To help your child recognise letter groups and split digraphs in words get them to scan the word before they have a go at reading it. This means having a quick look at the word from left to right. We say to the children ‘scan the word before you read it to look for any letter groups you know’.



We have started putting together our information books for our open afternoon next Friday. They each include a riddle that the children have written, two lift-the-flap questions and a fact. The children are really proud of their work and cannot wait to share them with you!


This week we have started to learn about arrays. An array in maths is an arrangement of objects or pictures in columns or rows. The purpose of an array is to help us with multiplication and division.  We have learnt how to organise objects and images into rows and columns. We have also practised making arrays through our own drawings on whiteboards.  We have been using the sentence ‘I have made… rows of …..’ to help us.

3 and 6

We also spent some time making equal groups using dog biscuits in some cases to feed Frank (Mrs Le Peuple’s dog) and his friends. We revisited our learning about doubles and played ‘Hunt my Numicon double’ in the classroom!


We have been learning how to introduce ourselves and ask someone's name in Spanish this week. The children enjoyed going around the room telling everyone their name.



This week, we went on a search of the classroom identifying different types of materials. Next week, we will be discussing why certain materials are used to make a particular item. For example, we found out that castles were made of stone because it is a strong material.