23rd - 27th January 2023

Highlights of the Week:

Thank you to everyone who joined us on Friday afternoon for our Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations. The children had a wonderful day and we are so grateful to Laura for teaching them some Chinese dancing.


Our learning this week has focused on ‘ur’ for words like curl and burnt and ‘ear’ as in hear and clear.


We began our new unit on addition and subtraction within 20. This week we have used tens frames and number lines to help us with our addition and subtraction. We have also revisited number bonds within 20 and have learnt to work systematically to find all of the number bonds to 20.


We are very excited about our upcoming trip to Marwell Zoo. To help get us ready the children have written letters to Marwell Zoo with questions they would like to find out the answers to on our trip.

We have begun to look at ways we can record information in alphabetical order. Maybe you could look through your books at home, do any of your books at home contain any sections in alphabetical order.


We have been learning the names of the days of the week this week following on from learning a little about the weather last week. The children have been using some of the language they have been learning throughout the week in class.


Our challenge this week was to create an algorithm for our partner and see how well they could follow our instructions! Next week we will be using the BeeBots to see how well we can deliver instructions and correct any mistakes within our algorithm.