20th - 24th March 2023

Highlights of the week:

Please can you continue to encourage your children to play Numbots at home, it would be lovely to see more Year 1s receiving certificates in assembly Therefore, we have set the children a challenge of increasing that number before the Easter holidays! Good luck!


We have been learning some of the trickier sounds in unit 7 this week in time for our phonics screening in June. The letter group is ‘kn’ and ‘ou’ found in the words knock and sound.

After the Easter break, we will be revising all of the taught letter groups based on the needs within each class.

For homework this week, we will be sending the children home with a booklet that they can use to revise the phonic sounds and alien words we have been looking at. Please keep hold of this booklet as an additional resource for reading.


This week we began our unit on mass and volume. The children enjoyed weighing things with the scales using the language of ‘heavier’ and ‘lighter’. We spent some time Friday measuring different items with multilink cubes.


We spent time this week researching on the tablets to find out more about birds. We will be using this information to produce a final product that we hope will help the birds survive outside. The children all logged into Kiddle, the children’s version of Google, and found out different facts about their diet, habitat and various features.


We have really enjoyed our DT unit this week. The children were very careful to try out their running stitch in their DT booklets before having a go on the fabric. We talked about different styles of bags and evaluated what we did and did not like about each of them. The different bags were made of different materials; paper, fabric and plastic. We were really pleased with the paper bag as it was so light to carry around before we realised that, if it got wet, our groceries would fall out! The plastic bag, we all decided, wasn’t good for the environment and there was a fear that animals might not be able to breathe if they got trapped inside one that had been left on the floor. The fabric bag, although it might get wet when it rained, would dry off eventually and remain strong enough to hold our shopping.