20th - 24th February 2023

Highlights of the week:


This week we have been looking at ‘ie’ sound. We have looked at it making an ‘i’ sound as in pie, tie, cried. The children made great progress with this. We have also been looking at ‘ie’ making long e sounds as in chief, niece and field, the children found this tricky but we will be practising this sound each week.


For this unit we are starting to look at numbers up to 50. We started the beginning of the week with a strong focus on building their counting skills, particularly when the numbers cross over a 10 e.g. 29, 30, 31.  We have also been looking at easier ways to count a large number of objects. We have shown the children how it can be quite difficult to count a series of objects that are scattered around and that mistakes are easy to make. Children have been shown that placing the objects into groups of tens is a far more efficient way.


In english we have started our new unit looking at narratives. We are focusing on the ideas of the environment and sustainability. This week we introduced the children to the story The Lumberjacks Beard. The children really enjoyed looking at this book and have had the chance to act out the story and create a story mountain focusing on the beginning, middle and end of the story. Next week the children will be looking at a different story and comparing the two.


For this unit in geography we are going to be looking at the world. So far, we have been focusing on our local area so the children were very excited to learn about further afield. This week the children were introduced to the equator, and the north and south hemispheres. The children looked at the weather across these regions and how the temperature changes from the poles to the equator.