19th - 23rd September 2022

Highlights of the Week

The children will be bringing homework home tonight to consolidate their learning from this week. We will be issuing reading books next week.

Phonics and reading

We hope you can attend the phonics workshop on Monday 26th September at 9am.


This week we have been looking at our mathematical language of greater than, more than, less than, fewer and equal to. We have used different resources around the classroom to represent each of these meanings, for example, multilink, pine cones and fruit.


We have started our experiment this week with the children. The children are all confident in recognising that plants need healthy soil, water and sunlight in order to thrive. So … we have put one plant in a cardboard box and it will be stored in the cupboard with no water, one plant on the windowsill without any water and another is living outside of the classroom in normal conditions. The children are very excited to see what happens to each of the plants!


We wrote our stories in 3 sections this week using the plans we wrote last week. The children had to write a beginning, middle and an end. We worked hard to include capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Some of us had a go at adding adjectives to describe our characters or growing fruit!


The children have been working on their map reading skills this week. We talked about the importance of using a key to identify different parts of the map. Next week we will be drawing a map of the playground and using a key to identify the picnic benches, bins, pathway and trees. You might like to share a map over the weekend at home if you have time.