17th - 21st October 2022

Weekly Updates


We have been working on the ‘er’ and ‘ar’ letter groups. We have been practising by both reading and word writing. The children have been highlighting where they are using the sounds in other subjects and have been enjoying doing so. We have also been very keen at remembering to use our learnt sounds and have across our writing.


We have been continuing our unit on addition and subtraction this week by looking at fact families and number bonds to 10. As the week progressed, we started to work on working systematically in our work to ensure that we do not miss any answers out.
E.g. 0 + 1 = 5
1 + 4 = 5
2 + 3 = 5


This week in science we revisited our past plant experiment, looking at what happened to our plants that did not have any water, did not have any light and the one that was cared for. We discover that a plant needs a good amount of water and sunlight to stay healthy. From this we wrote a conclusion to summarise our experiment.


Our instruction writing this week has been closely linked to our DT unit of pizza making. We have reminded ourselves of the features of instruction writing and wrote our own ‘what you need’ section and method including number order and imperative verbs.


This week we made our pizzas. The children found this a very enjoyable experience and were very excited to take them home to share with you. The children closely followed their planned ideas referring back to them at every stage. Towards the end of the week we evaluated our pizzas, rating the taste, look, smell and listing something we would improve if we carried it out again.


In geography this week we looked at human and physical geography. We identified the key differences between them. From this we created a bank of different geographical elements and classified them into the right category.